If everyone could see personae—this is probably what 5 y.o. Ruri would do //mings

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I-i’ll…just… leave this here…..

//dashes off

Maiden of the Tall Tower….

I was thinking of making her weapon like some useless woolly cloak….

eyecatch gif



♕ New Challengers ♕
Name: Viviaen ♂ / Eyan ♀ (Pronouced like Ae-an) [Duo designers working under the name Vi-An]

Age: 17 (♂) / 24 (♀)

Height: 166cm [5’5”] (♂) / 159cm [5’2”] -no heels- (♀)

Weight: 60kg [132lbs] (♂) / 51kg [112lbs] (♀) (idk??)

Special Talent: Worrying about others Fashion design, Typography (♂) / Being bossy Jewellery making, Can speak fluent English, Japanese, Chinese and Italian (♀)

♂ Kind
♂ Generous
♂ Willing to give up his own time to help others in need
♂ Very studious and knows how to organise his time
♂ Likes to collect Fabergé eggs and often decorates the office with ones he has made

♀ Bossy boots
♀ Always “busy” (she considers a lot of unproductive stuff as busy)
♀ Height complex, that’s why she always wears heels
♀ Very determined and often overexerts herself (Vivi has found her sleeping in the office a few times)
♀ Loves shopping and collects big branded items and precious stones

Guess who’s going to fail their maths exam tomorrow?


little bg practice…I think I overdid the clouds….

lol I haven’t drawn much proper things this year…

You can tell which ones i totally rushed on

Place holder for December because I’m being too lazy this month


okay I’ll stop now

*brb abusing fringe effect*

*brb abusing fringe effect*