Some official Pokemon Concept Art

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This fucking picture of espurr from the new pokemon previews proves it will be just as creepy as we thought it was.

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Don’t mind me just playing with The Lord of the fucking sea and feeding it cupcakes


My friend gave me an item in Flight Rising and when I asked what I could do for them in exchange, they wanted “Espurr and Honedge being creepy pokefriends”

Espurr…buddy…you can…stop….now…..



In the new trailer: player confirmed to be a m(eg)agical girl


Now it’s officially up! 

Pokemon: The Origin is going to be a “Special Program” broadcast on 10/2 on TV Tokyo, featuring the world of the original game (and its remakes). The protagonist is Red, who gets his first Pokemon from Professor Oak, a Charmander, and receives a Pokedex to complete for the Professor. On his adventure he meets the boy who becomes his rival, Green, and battles Gym Leader Brock.
He also encounters the evil organization Team Rocket in the Pokemon Tower, and has a grand battle with its leader Giovanni and encounters a yet-unheard of Pokemon?!


New Anime: Pokemon Origins.

Main Characters: Red & Blue